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Our investment in Ada

Why we invested in Ada?

The short answer is the team – Mike Murchison and David Hariri

I met Mike Murchison while he was part of the Next36 program, following that program we stayed in touch, Mike started a consulting business called What’s Next Labs which he later shut down and then in January 2014 shared with us his idea for Volley, (an app for people in tech looking to source help from peers). Alan Lysne and I ended up writing the first cheque investing in Mike and David in the spring of 2014. It soon became clear that the solution they had developed could provide greater value to the enterprise market helping businesses improve customer experience.

Mike was very inquisitive and soaked up all the information he gathered and calmly steered the company, David understood what was required technically and went about his business developing the solution. They worked very well together, respected each others’ contributions, understood each others’ roles and the rest they say is history…. We are very proud of Mike and David as they reach a significant milestone, (Unicorn status) and raise a massive round of financing to continue to fuel Ada’s growth.