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Pre-Seed and Seed Stage
Venture Investing

We aim to lead the first institutional round for exceptional founders building highly scalable software platforms.

We leverage our experience as founders and operators along with customer connections to accelerate the growth of our portfolio companies.



Prioritize what you can control

Founders often ask what they should prioritize early in their lifecycle. For example, build the product out or try and sell what has already been built. This prioritization becomes even more important as the next fundraising milestone approaches. To help shed light on this I ask founders a few questions: What can they control?What takes…

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Why we invested in LevelJump?

Answer: David Bloom We met David Bloom in March of 2016 when he had recently left Salesforce to build a solution to help sales teams onboard new sales reps faster. At the time it was called Lurniture, a plugin for Salesforce where sales teams could access ‘a smart YouTube inside salesforce’ and get feedback on…

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