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Why we invested in LevelJump?

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Answer: David Bloom

We met David Bloom in March of 2016 when he had recently left Salesforce to build a solution to help sales teams onboard new sales reps faster. At the time it was called Lurniture, a plugin for Salesforce where sales teams could access ‘a smart YouTube inside salesforce’ and get feedback on sales pitches. At the time, David had a handful of clients and was figuring out how to enhance the solution and scale. We saw how David took customer feedback and iterated, eventually charting his course into sales enablement. We participated in a financing in June 2018 which gave David the runway to ramp up his sales team. Talking to David after a sales pitch was always a highlight and usually started with a big smile on his face and:

“You’ll never believe what happened…”

David is a highly energetic salesperson who focused on customers and treated them like partners. He was also able to build and lead a sales team while gathering and leveraging customer testimonials, and getting visibility on G2 Crowd, (business software reviews) and on Salesforce app exchange. Along the way he changed the name to LevelJump and scaled the business in a very capital efficient manner, always focusing on customers, ensuring they achieved significant benefit using the solution. David attracted significant attention from Salesforce, first as a customer, then as a potential investor and eventually an acquirer.

Congratulations David and James on the exit and return to Salesforce.